Bring The Bellesoma Method™ to your practice

“I saw the presentation of this technique at ASAPS and this prompted me to take the next step and visit Dr. Horndeski and watch him perform the surgery. I found this to be the “the best breast lift, reduction, & auto-augmentation, that I have seen in 25 years as a plastic surgeon”. The rest is history!”
– Mahmood Kara, MD

​”I made the commitment to become a Bellesoma provider after seeing Dr. Horndeski’s remarkable postoperative results, which represent outcomes that I never thought possible with traditional breast lifts. The ability of Bellesoma to elevate breast tissue is I believe, vastly superior to our current breast lift techniques. While the procedure is technically challenging, I now have a unique advantage to offer a procedure and an outcome that few surgeons will be able to provide.”
– Shim Ching, MD

Not a “trademarked surgery” or “marketing gimmick”, but rather innovative bio-engineering. The combination of the Bellesoma Method’s 3D pre-operative scanning software & novel surgical approach is revolutionizing how breast lift and breast reduction surgery is being performed. Our software and certification program is available to Board Certified Plastic Surgeons only and training is conducted on site in your surgical environment.

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