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After the Ultimate Breast Lift™ was developed it became apparent that a new technique was needed for smaller breasts or less ptotic breasts. Typically, women who are an A, B, or C bra cup have insufficient volume to hide the inferior inframammary incision. Necessity generated the idea of the Mini Ultimate Breast Lift™. The Mini UBL™ was designed with only once incision hidden at the areola-skin junction. This technique uses the same engineering principles as The Ultimate Breast Lift™. Breast volume surface measurements and dimensions of the desired breasts are used to construct a blueprint. Excess breast skin is used to create straps that not only lift the entire breast mound, but are also used to reshape the breast creating upper pole fullness and creating cleavage without needing a breast implant. Most important of all, the inframammary crease is elevated creating an overall improved appearance. This point is essential in re-creating a youthful – natural appearing breast. This technique avoids the vertical and inframammary scars completely. The final result is a natural breast with the least amount of scars. The Mini Ultimate Breast Lift™ is indicated only in women with small volume breasts. The Mini UBL™ has successfully been performed in women who no longer desire breast implants due to chronic pain, bottoming out of the implants, stretching, breast implant deformities, etc.