There is no such thing as a scarless breast lift or reduction. However, providing a result that has no vertical scar or the need for implants are precisely two of the reasons why women choose Dr. Gary Horndeski and the Bellesoma Method™. While he performs other procedures, breast lifts, reductions, and augmentations are his specialty. He designs and performs these unique breast procedures that blend medical and surgical expertise with computer aided design. The innovative approach by Dr. Horndeski has been developed over the last 14 years of a more than three-decade career.

The Bellesoma Method works with a woman’s own tissue to reshape, reposition, and secure the breast to the chest muscle instead of relying on the skin, which succumbs to gravity over time. There are no unsightly vertical, T-shaped, lollipop, or boat anchor shaped scars. Women express great satisfaction after undergoing The Bellesoma Method since the breast position on the chest wall is similar to wearing a push up bra. This procedure can also be modified for breast reductions.

Please contact our office for a free consultation to see if the Bellesoma Method is a fit for your aesthetic goals.